I’m often asked about the drop of our wood bats. The term “drop” refers to the difference between the length and weight of a bat. So, for example, a 32” bat weighing 29oz equals a drop of three.

In reality, the drop is only somewhat important. I could make twelve bats of the same model, from the same weighted billets, and you might think they’ll feel the same.


Although they all weigh the same, the balance point of each bat is different, thus feeling different in your hands. The key is to have your bat maker provide you with a feel you’re most comfortable with. The common preferences are end loaded, balanced, or a feel that has a degree of heaviness, but is evenly distributed throughout.

At M^Powered, we build relationships with our players, so their bats are completely unique to them. Join #TeamMpower and see how a bat with personality can elevate your game.

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