Our Testimonials

M^Powered Baseball


"I started using Mpowered bats during the 2006 season. I purchased one of the maple bats, and was very pleased with the amount of "pop" the bat had. At the beginning of the 2007 season, I purchased two of the Yellow Birch, Model 008 (33/30, thin handle, big barrel). When I selected the bats, I IMMEDIATELY noticed the balance and feel was unlike any bat I had ever held.

The very first ball I hit sold me; a screaming line drive down the line that hooked foul. As they say, it was like cream cheese. The ball came off the bat with a loud "pop," and I didn't feel a thing. My first "hit" though, it what convinced me about the strength of these bats. I got jammed with an inside pitch, and "fisted" it into left field for a single. I've swung Sam Bats (Maple), X Bats (Maple), and Louisville's (Ash and Maple). I've broken so many of them I can't remember, several on this same exact pitch, off the handle.

I bought two X bats a couple of years ago and didn't make it through a weekend tournament with them. One off the hands, one off the end of the bat, and $190 out the window. Last year, I hit several balls off the handle and the end of the MPowered bat, and most of them went for base hits. I was amazed at the birch's durability. I still have both the bats I bought at the beginning of last year. Honestly, if I didn't hear the "crack" of these bats, and see the beauty of the birch grain, I'd swear these bats were made of aluminum."

-Mark Volpe- Former division 1 St. Marys University player and current MSBL player


"I was a little hesitant bringing out the "Carolina" Blue bat with the white handle during the World Series last week. First time up I got razzed mercilously by the catcher and home plate umpire. The teasing didnât last long however. I hit .435 for the week (including playoffs) in which our team, Red Deer, won the 58+ Central Wood Bat Division. Thanks for recommending such a fine piece of lumber!

P.S. I proudly wore the T-Shirt from your company all week, too!"

-Ron Wickers- Red Deer Pro Collision Car Stars 2006 MSBL World Series Champions


"Mark! Thanks for the offer and info for my teammates. I know Frank is going to be happy with his bats! He saw mine at practice this Sunday. The one I bought from you on the way into the park @ Tempe Diablo Stadium in Arizona during the MSBL world series. Although his kid bought him a Sam bat for Christmas, he really liked the M^POWERED one I got from you and its feel. He liked it even more when I told him how good I hit with it in tournaments this winter!!!

He'll be like a kid with a new toy when he gets them! I really didn't want to use it in the cages, but the guys heard the difference in the sound when I used the M^POWERED bat compared to a H&B maple I had for B/P. You have a great product, and I am eagerly awaiting my three new ones from you, and the season to start here!!! Thanks again."

-Bill Rybak


"Mark, I am sure you meet many people in your travels promoting your bats so I would not be surprised if you do not remeber me. I met you @ the Twins facility in the Ft. Myers area during the Roy Hobbs World Series Nov 1-9 2008. Having only hit with wood bats for the last 2 years there was a lot I needed to learn about them. You took the time to explain the difference in materials and finishing process as well as bat weighting.

I purchased 2 bats, I believe an MP74 and a MP71 one white handle pink barrel the other white handle blue barrel. I went on to use the bats in the remaining games we played and felt comfortableand confident @ the plate and really hit the ball solid. As promised you also included a pair of M^Powered Batting Gloves.

I want to thank you for the information you provided me that day, the wonderful bats I purchased, and what might be the best batting gloves I have ever tried on. I begin my preparations for next baseball season after the 1st of the year and M^Powered bats will be my arsenal. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and a sincere thanks again."

-Willie Jacovini- Margate Hurricanes Baseball


"Mark, Got the bat Monday and son has used the bat twice for batting practice. My son loves it and we are happy with the product. I hit him so fly balls with it and also liked the bat. This bamboo thing is for real.

Being in Minnesota we have not had any organized team practices yet but I'm guessing that there will be some copy cat type kids and parents that will follow my lead to your product. Thanks for everything and I can say that M^POWERED is the way to go."



"Hi Mark, Great talking to you today- I just placed my order for the American Hickory 114; raw finish; 33" wood bat.  I was doing some shopping around your website and see a number of things I might be interested in.

I'm sure I'll be doing more buying over my son's baseball career- hopefully for him it will be a long one.  I think the next purchase will be a birch model- I'll let you know his reaction to the hickory. Keep up the fine work- I know there's a lot of bat turners out there but it's rare to find one with the customer service and quality you provide, thanks again."

-Mike Ferrence


My name is James Dolan from Boston Massachusetts, I am a rising freshman in college and will be playing at the college of Saint Rose in the Northeast 10 conference which is the only NCAA d2 wood bat league. I have been using your bats this summer and just wanted to say I absolutely love them and will be sure to buy more. Keep making great bats.

-James Dolan


Hi Mark, I spoke with you Saturday to see if you were going to be in South Carolina like last year for the Prospect Select Black Bear baseball tournament. Unfortunately, this year you wouldn’t be here, but you managed to get bats made for my son that were here at the hotel when we arrived. I can’t thank you enough! He fell in love with his bat we purchased last year, and he hit very well with it. A couple of tournaments later and it broke. I know that’s common with wood bats but he hasn’t had a bat since that he liked so much. He is amped up for this tournament and hoping he catches some attention. Thank you for the amazing customer service!!!

Traci Havens


Hi Mark, Thank you.  Love your bats!   I think this is number 5 for me overall.  Started with the 01-34, the last 3 have been the 04-35.  Keep up the great work!  

Shaun Hires