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"Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications, This story is beyond unbelievable. As kids, and adults, we dream of coming up in the big situation, bases loaded, game on the line, and then we dramatically drive the ball over the wall and the crowd goes wild. It becomes a true Gatorade moment. Well, this happened last week in the West Metro Atlanta Men's Senior Baseball Fall Saturday League. But wait, there's more! "


I wanted to reach out to you in order to thank you for the outstanding customer service your company has in place. I broke my bat within 2 weeks of purchase and although it was not covered through warranty, you still went out of your way to give me the best possible deal for replacing the bat. I received 3 bats faster than what was initially stated. And they weren't just bats, these are Pro Quality bats that have amazing balance and intense pop. Just like we spoke on the phone about the bat that broke, I hit a home run blast the first time I used it. I still cannot thank you enough for the great conversation and the deal of a lifetime I received on these bats. I will definitely spread the word about MPowered, and you have officially gained a customer for life."


Youth Baseball Players Love M^Powered Baseball Youth Gloves and Baseballs
"Thanks Shawn!"


San Francisco — When the Sonoma Stompers Baseball Club announced the trade for Sonoma High grad and Valley native Jayce Ray last spring, the community knew he'd be a valuable component to the first-year expansion team. As it turned out, Ray was much more than that.

The 24-year-old centerfielder was named the Pacific Association's Most Valuable Player on Wednesday after his remarkable 2014 season. Proving not only his value to the Stompers, but his worth as a frontline player in professional baseball. In a hotly contested race for the league's most prestigious award, Ray earned 23 total points, including three first-place votes, and two second- and third-place nods.


"I really like my MPowered baseball bats! Thanks!

Ruben Mercado, 16U TeamUSA player, Cary, NC 2014"


"I got married a little while ago and decided to do a couple bat pics. Here is one of them with your bat, they came out great and wife loved them.

Great on the field and off. Thanks for a great product!"


"Thank you! I've used a bunch of different bats, and yours have by far the most consistently good wood. I can trust that I know what I'm getting with M^Powered. I appreciate what you've done for me."

-Ryan Mantle-


"Hello Mark,
I was the plate umpire that called that nice game you threw at Yngnacio High. During the game we spoke about your company and I told you of my son in the Navy who uses your Bats. He plays ball for the Navy and loves your bats. He and 2 other teammates use M^Powered Bats.
Here is a picture of Kyle on the Flight Deck of Kyle's ship, the USS Ronald Regan CVN76. It's a nuclear strike carrier - 1 of 6 the Navy has. The ship is truly a fortress. It has 5000 crewman, it's a floating city. Kyle called me the other day and said his first game was last week.
I appreciate you taking interest in my son. Take care,"

-Hugh Laidley-


"Hi Mark:
The bat arrived today!!! Thanks for your follow up - we have a very happy son!"

-Bradley Frost- Tampa Bay Reds


"Mark, When the new bats arrived and Ryno took them out of the box and held them for the first time, he said these are my favorite bats ever.last night he had a game and used one. He drove to bullet singles and after the game he couldn't stop talking about how great the bats are. He's was juiced about using them in Perfect Game this weekend. At any rate, I just wanted to say THANKS and let you know you've made a customer and a fan for life. Thanks again!"  


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