How to Get Quick Hands Drills Skills of Baseball

When it comes to baseball, having quick hands either for fielding or hitting would definitely be an advantage for any player. And as to the question how to develop quick hands for baseball? The answer normally lies not only in improving upper body movement, strength, and coordination, but also in doing hand speed drills that can also deliver stability.

Training Method

In the game of baseball, increasing hand speeds would be equivalent to increasing lower body speed. This means that training methods must include drills that will mimic traditional speed drills while using virtually the same type of equipment.

Quick Hands Drills

How to get quicker hands for baseball? There are commonly some basic drills that do not require much equipment to do, but will immensely help you reach the goal of having quicker hands. These drills involve using a 45-pound plate while use are in a push-up position. The drills can be done either once or twice a week as part of the training to improve upper body capabilities.

Using three sets with an interval of six to ten seconds rest in between sets.You will observe that your hand speeds will gradually improve and along with it your fielding and hitting game. What are these drills?

  • Alternate Plate Taps

In this training drill, you begin in the push-up position with both hands positioned directly under your shoulders and the plate placed about two inches in front of your hands. Proceed by tapping the plate using your hands alternately as fast as you possibly can. This should be done for 30 seconds with a six to ten seconds interval between sets. As your speed progresses, you can decrease the number of seconds for each set including the length of rest intervals.

  • Lateral Plate Taps

From a push-up position, place the plate approximately two inches away from your hand. You can start with either your left or your right hand. Tap the plate using your hands alternately as many times as you can within 30 seconds. After a six to ten seconds rest, place the plate on the other side and repeat the process. You have completed one set once the plate has been on both sides.

  • In and Out Taps

For this drill, place the plate between your hands while you assume the push-up position. Tap the plate with both hands simultaneously as you push off the ground. Repeat the process as fast as you can in a span of 30 seconds with a rest of six to ten seconds between sets. As you get better with this drill, reduce the number of seconds for the rest in between sets.

Throwing Drill

The great thing with this drill is that you can do it on your own and even young players will not find it difficult to do. The objective is to achieve not only quick hands, and hopefully quick feet as well. Here is how you do it.

  1. Begin by going into the catching position and proceed by turning and simulating to make the throw.
  2. Turn your back foot sideways as you extend your throwing arm outwards to the target.
  3. Go back to the catching position before you repeat the process.

Quick Hands Drills

The intention is to improve how the player follows the ball into the glove, find the ball and the seam quickly, before turning to face the throwing target and quickly return to the position ready for the next throw.

As you begin this throwing drill, remember to start slowly and gradually increase your speed as you become more comfortable with the entire motion. As with any type of drill, repetition is the key to reach the intended goal, which is to make the player throw faster and with consistency as well as efficiency.

You can also vary this training by throwing the ball into the air and then catching it with both hands. What this helps you achieve is to get into the motion of setting your feet before attempting to make the throw.

Most of the time, when we talk about quicker hands for baseball, players often focus on lower body speed drills. These hand speed drills clearly offer benefits that lower body speed drills do not deliver.

If you want to further improve your baseball game, do these drills consistently and make sure that you have the proper equipment. Visit M^Powered Baseball today to make the most out of your game.

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