The Rookie


Player Pack

Who said a beginner can’t hit bombs?

  • HARD 2 the CORE™ Bat
  • Batting Glove
  • Pelican Grip Stick or Grip Dip or Tiger Stick
  • M^powered Xcellsior™ Bat Wrap Grip Tape

Wood Bat | HARD 2 THE CORE™

Classic wood model, but typically not end loaded, easy to swing, no drag, suitable for every hitter, feels very comfortable in the hands, great model, made from dense heavy billets due to the shape and what weighted billet you have to use to make it, great whip

Color and profile of the bat will vary


M^POWERED BASEBALL presents our premium GOATSKIN LEATHER BATTING GLOVE. Premium GOAT SKIN LEATHER in the PALM and 4-WAY stretch and synthetic leather on the back of the glove for a comfort. Easily adjustable velcro closure for a perfect fit.

Bat/Glove Grip

The Pelican Bat Wax Stick is quickly finding itself in dugouts and in on deck circles all over the place.Hand poured all natural rosin, resin, natural herb tacky bat grip. The Stick will provide the player with superior tack and control and is extremely easy to apply with it's rip and grip paper tube wrapper.

Tiger Stick is the ultimate batting grip! This unique formulation provides a perfect, non-slip grip. It’s great for use in all sports where secure hand control is required. It’s better & cleaner than pine tar! No mess! Great for golfers & even skateboarders & surfers for foot grip.

Grip Dip contains an all natural blend of pine tar, rosin and pine oil. It can be rubbed on anything from the taper of the bat to the pocket of your glove.
Grip Dip is thicker then pine tar so no towel is needed to apply. Simply pull a small amount out of the container with your finger and spread evenly on the surface where tack is desired.
Store flat in a cool dry place while not in use.
Comes in a 4oz. paper tube tin.

BAT WRAP | M^Powered Xcellsior™

1.1 mm size and made of our dura soft poly material for the best grip on your wood and alloy bat

Available in solid colors including black, red, white, navy blue and camo colors blk/red/wh, beige/silver/white, green/blk/white, grey/blk/white and blk/blue and white

Each Package contains One bat wrap.


Beginner batting and accessory bundle. All of the batting essentials to hit the ground running.

  • HARD 2 the CORE™ Bat
  • Batting Glove
  • Pelican Grip Stick or Grip Dip or Tiger Stick
  • M^powered Xcellsior™ Bat Wrap Grip Tape

Additional information

Wood Bat | HARD 2 THE CORE™



, , , , , , ,


Weight 17.636980990343 lbs

, , , ,

Glove Color

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Bat/Glove Grip

Weight 4.2328754376824 lbs
Grip Type

Grip Dip, Pelican Stick, Tiger Stick

BAT WRAP | M^Powered Xcellsior™

Weight 8.8184904951717 lbs
Bat Wrap Colors

White, Black, Navy, Red, Silver, Gold, USA Flag, Baseballs, Green/Black/White CAMO, Grey/Black/White CAMO, Red/White/Blue CAMO, Black/Red/White CAMO, Black/Blue/Grey CAMO, Beige/White/Grey CAMO

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