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M^Powered bamboo bats are made from the hardest wood/plant material on earth. Bamboo is used for scaffolding in China and many other Asian countries in the construction of the world’s tallest and most modern skyscrapers. The reason bamboo is so strong is its tensile strength. The Bamboo plant is harvested and then machined so the choice pieces can be used for the construction of your baseball bat. The bamboo is pieced like a parquet floor and put under 2000 pounds of pressure. After drying it is lathed into a 271 model bat, and sanded until the finished product is smooth as marble. The bats are then sprayed with 3 layers of environmentally approved paint. M^Powered always sprays its bats and never dips them. Spraying allows for a fine finish not always found when using the dip process. After the spraying process is finished the M^Powered watermark logo and artwork are applied. After a second drying step M^Powered sprays 2 clear coat applications for a professional finish and the watermark art is sealed. M^Powered pays very special attention to detail.

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