Tips and Strategies for MLB Betting

MLB Baseball Betting

Regardless whether you are a frequent bettor or not, you definitely would always want to come out on the winning end, right? If you are looking for a betting edge for MLB baseball betting, then you need more than a sportsbook. There are other important factors that you must consider to increase your percentage of winning. Here are some tips you can try.

The Season

Obviously a baseball player will not get worn out by playing a single game unless of course you are the starting pitcher and you finish the game. This is why when it comes to MLB baseball betting trends, looking at the time of the season becomes a huge factor.

Definitely, come middle or deep in the season, the fatigue factor will begin to set in. Considering that there are 162 games on a schedule, it is easy to understand how every game can take its toll on the human body no matter how fit the player is. This factor becomes more important as it reaches the postseason right after the All-Star break in mid-July. How do you take advantage of this?

Try to look at the matchups like a team on an extended road trip that is playing against a home team for an extended period. It would be reasonable to assume that the team on an extended road game would be more exhausted compared to one playing at home for an extended run. This of course does not take into account individual matchups that will happen during the game itself.

Pitching Rotation

Why is this important in setting betting trends? Well, in MLB, the starting pitcher does not normally finish the game. So aside from comparing the starting pitchers from each team, you also need to take a look at those sitting in the bullpen. Having a bad finisher in the bullpen can put the entire game in danger.

Key statistics that you can keep an eye on when deciding on how to bet would be the ERA and WHIP. Why are these important? The ERA will give you a pretty good idea of the average number of runs that the starting pitcher gives up over the nine innings. On the other hand, WHIP indicates the number of walks and hits given up by the pitcher on the average for an inning. A low ERA with a high WHIP usually translates to having base runners that do not score. Having a high WHIP when facing a team with a strong offense can result in multiple runs.

As far as the bullpen goes, it is definitely a good sign if it is well-rested. This means a better percentage of saving the game and increasing your chances of winning a bet.

Home-Away Games

Why is it better to bet on the home team when you are betting under? Because there is a very high chance that come the ninth inning, the home team is leading and does not have to come to bat. This is a huge advantage that every betting man should be able to recognize.

By taking the home-away game strategy, you also need to realize that by picking the right underdog team, you increase the amount of money that you can possibly win. An upset after all is not unheard of in MLB. But how do you pull a successful bet on a possible upset win?

An away team is almost always considered as an underdog. However, remember that the starting pitcher represents the single most influential person of the game. So focus your attention on the pitcher of the team listed as an underdog and see how he matches with the starting pitcher of the other team. Keep in mind that it is also possible for a home team to be listed as an underdog so be very on the lookout for these potential opportunities.

There is definitely an advantage playing at home, but this does not guarantee a win. Despite having batters familiar with the home stadium, the away team can always have stronger pitchers in the rotation that can negate the advantages of the home team.

Are you serious in understanding MLB baseball betting trends to increase your chances of winning? Well then, make sure that you have more than one sportsbook to rely on aside from considering these tips and strategies.

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