Wood bat handle breakage has become a part of life for hitters. We all know the drill—you buy an expensive bat at the start of the season. Soon enough, you get jammed inside or take one off the end of the barrel and snap! At that moment, you know your bat is fatally wounded.

In 2012, we began to fabricate and test materials that could improve the strength of wooden bat handles. After five years of research and development, M^FUZD™ was born.

High-Tech Bat Tape M^FUZD

We created a carbon fiber and Kevlar® blend that’s applied to the handle of the M^FUZD™. It’s an M^Powered exclusive and is patent pending. The reinforced handle can take over 800 pounds of spontaneous pressure before break. A typical wood bat can take about 200 pounds of pressure. The best part about this technology is that it’s perfectly legal to use. It’s considered a “high-tech bat tape” that meets all levels of wood bat requirements.

The M^FUZD™ is made with quality birch and comes in our #444 model – balanced for any style of hitter with a medium-sized barrel and handle. It’s backed with a 90-day conditional warranty.

The M^FUZD™ can handle anything thrown its way.
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