Most brands care more about the look of their bat grips rather than quality and feel. M^Powered Xcellsior™ bat grip is made from Durasoft® polymer that not only provides a superior feel but reduces bat vibration and other sensory issues. This means you have better control of your swing while saving your hands from that nasty sting.

Xcellsior™ bat wrap is engineered like no other. We laser-cut the main tape so the application is simple, and the adhesive is stronger. We also added a closure piece that securely holds the main section together to prevent unraveling. It lasts longer and outperforms the competition.

Get a Grip with Xcellisor Bat Wrap

Xcellsior™ bat wrap is available in two sizes (1.1 mm and 0.5 mm) and 17* colorways, including patterns like camo, USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

So, the next time your bat grip begins to prematurely deteriorate, replace it with Xcellsior™.
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*0.5 mm comes in black and white only.

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