MPowered's Holiday Gift Guide
With the holidays just around the corner, finding a perfect baseball gift for a family member or friend can be difficult. There are so many products on the market, which can make it challenging to find equipment that not only improves their game but also checks off something they might need on their list. M^Powered has compiled a holiday gift guide highlighting perfect stocking stuffers of essential baseball accessories for Little League to high school ballplayers. Check out our list of gift ideas down below.

Bat Wrap

Every ballplayer knows, having a strong grip on their bat is crucial. With our M^Powered Xcellsior bat wrap made out of our dura soft poly material, we can guarantee that bat isn’t going anywhere but knocking the ball out of the park.
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Compression Sleeve

MPowered Compression SleevesCompression sleeves help circulate nutrient-rich blood to injured areas—meaning quicker recoveries and less time on the bench. This product is perfect for preventing and coping with muscle wear.
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Flex Tape

MPowered Flex TapeWhen the going gets tough, they have to get tougher. With flex tape, quick bandages over wrist, elbow, ankle and other injuries, assure they stay on the field, not the sidelines.
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Old School Bat Weight

MPowered Bat WeightThe classic donut shape we all know and love is just what they need for improving arm strength and swing speed. Pre-game practice with this model will help send the ball flying.
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Cotton Wrist/Sweat Bands

MPowered Wrist BandDon’t sweat the sweat—this is the easiest solution to one of the biggest grievances during game time. It’s lightweight and highly absorbent, guaranteeing easy use and effectiveness.
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Pelican or TIGER STICK Grip Stick

This hand-crafted resin improves bat grip. It not only has an easy application process but also provides unmatched tack in comparison to other products on the market.
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Pine Tar Rag

MPowered Pine Tar RagThis handy, easily portable pine tar rag provides added tack to your bat with no mess at all.
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Baseball Cap

MPowered Baseball CapWith continued use, baseball caps can quickly get worn down with sweat. Gift a new one to a friend or family member so they can keep the sun out of their face and their eyes on the prize.
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When it comes to holiday baseball gifts, get something that will change their play. With this list, one or more of these products can make a difference between making contact and a strike. Shop all of these products and more on our online store.

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