If you look around today, most hitters prefer their bats have a cup, a small area at the end of the barrel, where the manufacturer has removed some of the wood. The conventional wisdom is that it balances the end and reduces the weight of the bat. However, it only removes a fraction of its heaviness. Prior to the mid 1980’s, cupped bats were not in style.

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There are many benefits to not cupping a bat. First, if you take a shot off the end of a non-cupped bat, it will live to bat another day, whereas a cupped one will most likely break. A bashed bat can be rendered “illegal” in the process. Second, conventional wisdom also says that a non-cupped bat stands the test of time. Dry, arid climates subject cupped bats to splits inside the cup, while wet, humid climates alter the weight of your bat over time.
When it comes game time, it’s player choice that matters most. Scroll around our bats section, browse our cupped and non-cupped bats, and choose a side.

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