As a longtime player and owner of a baseball company, I’ve heard numerous “best ways” to break in a new glove. You may not believe some of these, but here’s a list of the most creative techniques I’ve heard over the decades – run it over a few times with your car, soak it in vegetable oil or pig fat, microwave it, pound it with a hammer. From the ridiculous to the sublime, the list goes on and on. Here’s the M^Powered method.

First, shape the inside of the glove with your hands. Always shape it from the top down, never from side to side. This stops early onset floppy glove syndrome from occurring. Plus, top down manipulation will conform the leather to your hand to create a better bond between you and your mitt.

Next, play catch. Use the glove early and often – it’s the best way for it to take shape naturally and develop a perfect pocket. Playing catch is crucial for glove conditioning. After all, a glove is simply a tool to catch and transfer the ball to your throwing hand as fast as possible.

Breaking in a Glove

Lastly, we recommend to never oversaturate your glove with creams, oils or any other substances that will add weight to the mitt. We do recommend using a small amount of Pelican Glove Rub to treat the pores of the leather a few times year; preferably a month before the season and right after season’s end.

That’s how it’s done.

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