Baseball vs Cricket? Reasons Why Baseball Wins

It is obvious that both baseball and cricket belong to a family of games that involve the use of bat and balls. However, despite glaring similarities, there are a couple of differences between the two as well. Then there is also the debate of which is more popular, baseball or cricket? Let’s try to get some more insights.

Brief History of Baseball and Cricket

By most accounts of cricket and baseball history, the games may have originated somewhere in Europe and developed by Pilgrim Fathers who eventually brought the game to the Americas. This means that both cricket and baseball may have come from the same game.

When you look at some baseball facts, it is not difficult to discern that it has become a working man’s game enjoyed by a vast majority of people, while cricket has remained a preference of those in the upper society of countries that have been influenced by French or English cultures.

So despite mutating from the same game, baseball’s evolution has transformed it into a less delicate and extremely exciting sport enjoyed not only by a huge portion of the middle to lower class American population, but even those in the upper levels of society as well.

Comparison between Baseball and Cricket

When we look at cricket and baseball similarities, it can go beyond both sports using a ball and a bat. Both in fact are played on a field. But, these seeming similarities can also be the point of difference between the two sports.

The field used by baseball for example relies on a quadrant residing between foul lines. The baseball diamond has a fair territory of at least 100 thousand square feet although many Major League Baseball parks go up to 120 thousand square feet. For cricket, the shape is not really fixed. The size of the test grounds can vary from 175 thousand to 270 thousand square feet.


The issue of cricket vs baseball difficulty can also be pegged at the pitching distance of the sports. For cricket, it is about 22 yards. The pitcher’s mound in baseball is about 60.5 feet away from the rear of the home plate. What is interesting here is that before the pitcher’s mound was used, pitching in baseball was done from a rectangular box resembling that of cricket.

The level of difficulty also extends the manner of hitting. For cricket accumulating large runs and placement of balls is considered as excellent strategies. This is quite different in baseball where power hitting to produce runs or multiple bases is often used as winning strategy.

There is a huge debate on baseball vs cricket popularity considering that baseball is enjoyed mostly in the United States, the Caribbean, and some parts of Asia. Cricket on the other hand commands a following in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, Australia, and some parts of Africa. This means that the 500 million worldwide fans of baseball can be easily dwarfed by the 2.5 billion fans of cricket.

However, as far as popularity is concerned, fan following may not be the only metric. Some contend that when it comes to baseball vs cricket, the experience that baseball brings would be a thousand times greater. This is presumably because of the tension and excitement that baseball delivers as the game goes through its innings not only through home runs and base hits, but also in the form of outs and double plays; some fans say something that a leisurely game of cricket cannot provide.

Equipment of Baseball and Cricket Use

There are some glaring differences between the equipment used for both sports. Even if you have the same basic things like gloves, bats, and balls, baseball equipment and cricket equipment may not be completely the same.

  • Bats – where baseball bats are thin and rounded, the one used for cricket has a thicker, flatter face, and is about four inches shorter.
  • Gloves–the ones for cricket are designed for hand protection and catching similar to hockey gloves unlike those in baseball. In cricket only the wicket keeper and batsmen wear gloves.
  • Pads – for baseball only the catcher wears pads as compared to cricket where leg and arm pads are fairly common sight.

You may have the talent and skills to play the game, but, without the proper equipment and gear, you will never improve your level of play.

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