Baseball Fun Facts: Test Your Knowledge with Interesting Questions

How did baseball originate?

Reference to baseball began as early as 1672 according to David Block. The actual origin of the game however has been surrounded by much controversy and debate as it is believed that it evolved from early folk games in Europe.

Even the name is believed to have come from earlier references like round ball, stool ball, goal ball, until it simply became what is now known as baseball.

How many players on a baseball team?

In a Major League team, the allowed number of players in an active roster is 25 with an expanded roster consisting of 40 players. The MLB however started allowing 26 active players to cover day-night doubleheaders, provided that the games have been scheduled with a 48 hours’ notice.

How many quarters in baseball?

There are no quarters in baseball, instead, the game is played over a period of nine innings that are subdivided into halves. The visiting team bats in an attempt to score at the first half of the inning with the home team on the defensive.

Once three outs is reached, the teams switch places with the home team going to bat.

How long does a game of baseball last?

For the MLB, usually a regular game would last for nine innings. However, if the score is tied at that point, extra innings will be played to determine the winner of the match. Unlike other sports, baseball does not play for the clock so the game normally continues until a winner is decided.

In general, games would last for roughly three hours.

How many games in a season of baseball?

With the expansion of the MLB in 1961, it settled for a schedule of 18 games for each of the nine rivals. This means that one season would have 162 games, something that has been preserved to date.

How to number baseball positions?

Each field position is numbered correspondingly:

  • Pitcher – #1
  • Catcher – #2
  • First Baseman – #3
  • Second Baseman – #4
  • Third Baseman – #5
  • Shortstop – #6
  • Left Fielder – #7
  • Center Fielder – #8
  • Right Fielder – #9

So if the third baseman makes a play by fielding the ball and throwing it to first to make an out, the play would be recorded as 5-3.

Which baseball position is the easiest?

Arguably, there are no easy positions in major league play. However, many would agree that the Right Field may be considered as one of the easiest because the ball is less likely to wound up in that area of the field.

What position is the hardest in baseball?

With all things considered, the catcher may be the hardest position in the game not only because of the amount of gear you have to wear, but also the level of concentration and mental preparedness needed to have an eye on the entire field; including constant communication with the pitcher.

How long is baseball season?

One MLB season usually lasts for approximately six months with a total of 2,430 games not including the postseason. Regular season runs from March to October with the postseason beginning early November.

How keep score in baseball?

Aside from knowing the number assigned to the positions, it is also important to be aware of the abbreviations to keep track of scoring in baseball games. The standard method includes:

  • Strikeout – K
  • Looking Strikeout – reverse K
  • Base on Balls or Walk – BB
  • Single Hit – 1B
  • Double – 2B
  • Triple – 3B
  • Homerun – HR
  • Flyout – F
  • Double Play – DP

When the runner scores, shade the entire diamond, but if it is only a single, 1B should be written outside the diamond with the line from home plate to first base darkened.

A struck out batter is represented by the letter K in the middle of the diamond, and if it’s the first out, the number 1 is likewise written and encircled.

If the play is made by the pitcher and thrown to first base, you should see 1-3 across the diamond.

How do baseball playoffs work?

For the MLB, it is the end of the 162 games of the regular season. There will be ten teams composed of five each from the National and American Leagues.

The format is a single game playoff between two wild card teams with two best-of-five series for the Division. This will be between the wild card winner and the winners of each division. The last leg would be the best-of-seven League Championship Series.

Everything boils down to the best-of-seven World Series between the American and National League champions.

Which seats are best at a baseball game?

There are a couple of seats worth considering like:

  • Couple of rows in the lower level behind the dugout – these keep you close to the action with a clear view of the infield players. You also get the chance to get game used balls since you are so close to the dugout.
  • Lower level seating away from the protective net – you get an amazing view of the field with great line of sight with a bonus of an overhang protection.
  • Club seats – undoubtedly one of the best seats in any stadium, you not only get a great view of everything, but it also comes with exclusive benefits.
  • Outfield seating – you get a clear view of everything with an excellent chance of catching a home run ball.
  • Upper level center seats – the entire field is in plain sight so you get to see every play from the infield and the outfield. A great thing to consider is that since these are extremely affordable, it gives you the luxury of enjoying the ball game with the entire family or your group of friends.

What is the baseball season in the USA?

For MLB, the 2018 season started on March 29 and will run up to September 30 before the postseason begins on October 2 with the World Series commencing on October 23 until October 31 should it reach Game 7.

What is velocity in baseball?

In baseball, this is a tool that is used for assessing pitches. It reflects the maximum speed of any given pitch from the moment it leaves the pitcher’s hand and crosses home plate.

The general rule is that the faster the velocity of the ball, the harder it will be to make a hit.

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