Baseball Fashion: Hitting it Out of the Fashion Park Jock Style

The fashion world and celebrities have always gone hand in hand.  But when we think of baseball it’s another story. The NBA and NFL have been sporting stylish fashions for some time now. In the soccer arena, players like David Beckham are famous for their sheik style and high fashion connection. Major League Baseball, on the other hand, is a different story. Short pants and stirrup socks don’t exactly lay a foundation for high fashion.  Honestly, it’s pretty hard to look cool in a baseball uniform. In spite of these challenges, baseball fashion style is having a comeback.

Baseball Fashion: Trend in 2018

Let’s take a look at some of the baseball jock style influencing fashion trends.  Is it wise to adopt some of these styles for your “summer look”? You’ll have to decide.

baseball fashion

Varsity Jackets and Windbreakers:

There are many rainforest tree frogs that don vibrant colors to announce their presence in the jungle. This is a common technique in the natural world.  It is also a fundamental design element in the shiny nylon windbreakers and varsity cut jackets baseball players wear.  Now, more and more people are being seen in similar jackets.  Decorated in bright colors and logos, these styles proclaim the presence of baseball fashion.

Mirrored Blade Sunglasses:

Long days out in the sun is a fundamental part of the job for baseball players.  To catch a fly-ball you have to look up into the sky.  Practical sunglasses with complete coverage and visibility are a necessity. Thus, the wrap-around design of blade sunglasses.  But do they have to be mirrored? It seems like ridiculous looking eye-wear is a prerequisite to becoming an MLB player.  Now, more and more celebrities are starting to be seen imitating this baseball fashion style.  Mirrored blade sunglasses are back on the streets and ready to play ball.

High-Calf Athletic Socks:

Short pants and stirrup socks have been a key part of the baseball uniform since its inception. In the 1920s young men wore knickerbockers, short dress pants with high socks.  Believe it or not, this concept is showing up in modern-day baseball fashion trends.  Young men are wearing shorter and shorter pants with brightly colored high-calf athletic socks.

Embroidered Cotton Mock-necks

The mock-neck or short rimmed turtleneck, have been worn under baseball jerseys for years by pitchers on the mound.  Many hardcore baseball fans have also been sporting this style in homage to their favorite teams. More recently brands have been embroidering their names on the collar instead of the teams’ logo. The traditional t-shirt will always be in style but mock-necks have their place.


Baseball jerseys are the barometer for how much baseball is influencing fashion. Often worn with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath, jersey style cuts are becoming more and more common. Seen in both classic and contemporary styles, Major League Baseball jerseys are leaving a mark on our fashion sense.

The T-Shirt

While t-shirts have been a foundation piece in baseball fashion for a long time, we see baseball’s influence here as well. The contrasting colored sleeves and vertical stripes are originally inspired by baseball uniforms.

The mix of fashion and streetwear has gained momentum due to internet blogs and social media sites. For example, in Europe baseball is not a very popular sport. But there are many fashion trends that influence street style heavily based on baseball.                       

The nice thing about the baseball fashion trend is that it looks classy. The writing is written in gothic fonts and French collars create a classic style. Other sports-related fashion trends sponsored logos and advertisements.

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