Like most hard gear used by baseball players, batting gloves are considered a “throw away product.” This means that after a relatively short period of use, they degrade, rip, and fall apart. Then, it’s time to replace them. What a vicious cycle.

Think of it like this. Batting gloves are an incorporation of small findings of main material pieces such as plastics, synthetics, leather, thread, rubber, and applied logos. Factually, most of the iconic, big-named brands use cut-rate materials in the manufacturing of their retail grade batting gloves. They save the good stuff for the pros. Those brands rarely use leather. Instead, they use vinyl, plastic materials, or a “so-called” synthetic leather.

MPowered's Batting Gloves

M^POWERED batting gloves use only tanned goatskin and lambskin with the combination of premium, four-way stretch fabric. Our sewing process utilizes strong cotton threads for construction integrity and our sizing metrics are always consistent.

The result is a high-quality, comfortable batting glove that “fits like a glove” and lasts longer than the products the big guys offer.

You have tried the rest, now try the best.


A fungo bat is a specialized bat, traditionally used by coaches. The origin of its odd name is fairly unknown and debated. Fungos are used to hit balls to fielders during practice or a while warming up before the first pitch. They are lighter and thinner than your traditional game bat. But like game bats, fungos are made out of the same types of wood such as maple, ash, birch, or beech. In some cases, they are made from poplar or bamboo, two materials that are not approved for MLB play.

Fungo bats are usually classed into infield and outfield sizes. Outfield fungos are used mostly for hitting fly balls and are offered in 34, 35, and 36-inch sizes. Infield fungos are used for hitting grounders and are usually 32 or 33 inches in length.

MPowered Baseball's Fungo Bat

One recent trend I’ve been seeing around the diamond is “Fungo Golf.” It’s a fun and creative way for teammates to bond. Two or more players create makeshift golf holes around the field. Most shots are swung like a normal baseball swing, but depending on the distance, players may decide to putt. It’s scored just like golf; lowest number of strokes gets you the W.

At M^Powered Baseball, we offer a full range of fungo bats in a variety of colors and stains. As always, we will add your personal engraving free of charge.

Get your fungo on.

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